Dom Sports

A supporter of Ringette since 1989, Dom Sports is proud to have offered a series of “firsts” for our great game.

  • The first to introduce school Gym Ringette. We manufacture gym specific sticks, in 3 lengths, along with special high-optic orange indoor rings.
  • The first to recognize the need for superior quality ICE sticks, Dom Sports introduced Canada to Ring Jet. Ring Jet 300 was an instant hit!
  • In 1997, with the introduction of Mini Turbo rings, we standardized the “practice ring” for the world of Ringette. Gone were the days of doggie chew toys, home-made plastic weighted rings and … stale donuts to use for practicing and perfecting both passing and receiving skills.
  • We commissioned the first Art Print truly dedicated to and honouring the unique quality, passion and sprit of the game.
  • In 1999, the birth of our ROXIE, a one of a kind mascot, for a one of a kind game.
  • In 2001 Dom Sports created the First Ring program – designed to provide entry level sticks, at minimal cost, thereby removing one more barrier of entry for Bunny and Novice players to try and then fall in love with our sport.
  • We were the first to promote “ribbed tips” for sticks. And then the first to introduce a ribbed tip stick – the Ring Jet 500!! This stick has revolutionized the face of Ringette.
  • The first ever Mini Ringette Stick was crafted by Dom Sports in 2003. A quality stick that is a terrific souvenir, yet equally at home when playing “mini ringette” using our mini turbo rings. Now available in 5 fun colours!
  • The first Ringette stick ever made with a foam core, Ring Jet 700, gave goalies more sleepless nights in 2007.
  • A combination of new and innovative materials were combined in 2011 to create the two most unique wood designs in Ringette – Rocket and Defender. Both have set new standards unmatched at all levels of play. Now goalies hate us even more.

Dom Sports will continue to support, innovate and challenge Ringette in order to strengthen and grow our great game in Canada and throughout the world.

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