DOM Sports, A proud supporter of RingettE Since 1989


DOM Sports has been a proud ringette supporter since 1989 and an integral part of the innovation and development of the sport across Canada.   

DOM Sports recognized the need for superior ringette sticks in Canada and partnered with Finland’s Ring-Jet to become the first and only Canadian Ring-Jet distributor. The first stick model released, the Ring-Jet 300, was an instant hit amongst Canadian players. Since then, DOM Sports and Ring-Jet have worked side-by-side to deliver the largest range of high-quality wood ringette sticks in Canada.   

DOM Sports has also pioneered several other areas of ringette:  

  • In 1997 DOM Sports introduced Mini Turbo rings (link page) which standardized the “practice ring” in the ringette world. These rings are used by players in training to hone their passing and receiving skills .   
  • DOM Sports introduced Gym Ringette (link page) to schools across North America. DOM manufactures gym-specific sticks and high-optic indoor rings for physical education classes and programs in schools and communities. The DOM Gym Ringette product is now used in Canada, the USA and Europe.
  • In 2001 DOM Sports launched the First Ring in Canada – a stick designed specifically for novice players allowing players to fall in love with the sport at an even younger age
  • DOM Sports and Ring-Jet were the first to introduce a ribbed tip stick in Canada; the Ring-Jet 500 (link page). With this ribbed tip, players had heightened control of the ring and improved performance on the ice.  
  • In 2003 DOM Sports created the Mini Ringette Stick. DOM’s Mini Ringette Sticks are great for at-home play, schools and sports programs and also make a great gifts and souvenirs. Mini Ringette Sticks pair well with the DOM Mini Turbo Rings (link).  
  • In 2011 DOM Sports and Ring-Jet developed a combination of new and innovative materials to create the most unique wood designs in Ringette and launched two new sticks, the Rocket and the Defender.  
  • In 2021 the Ring-Jet Octagon line was introduced, a unique stick line with 8 cornered edges to enhance grip and control on the ice.   
  • DOM Sports continues to challenge the standards in the world of ringette. We are constantly seeking new and innovative technologies to enhance the overall player experience.   


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