Quick Facts

Length 55″

Material European-sourced wood

Construction Two-part wood construction with a dual vented core and 8 distinct sides

Age 14+

Features & Benefits

The Rocket Octagon is part of Ring-Jet’s newest stick line designed with 8 distinct edges. Traditional ringette sticks have 4 rounded corners, but with this stick’s unique Octagon shape, players have an enhanced grip for superior control and accuracy. The Rocket Octagon has increased flex when compared to the traditional Rocket to help decrease the amount of wind-up during shooting. To maintain durability and a lightweight feel, it is equipped with the same hardwood shell and dual-vented core of the traditional Rocket.   

  • NEW Octagon shape – 8 distinct sides for enhanced grip and control 
  • Hardwood outer shell   
  • Fully ribbed tip comprised of a high density engineered co-polymer for durability

Available Colours

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Colour Blue